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With Shilpashastra, Bindu can draw any divine Image..

I used grid lines previously, but after learning Maha's unique taalamaana paddati and getting evaluations regularly - i can draw any divine art effortlessly

Nitya had limited knowledge when she came.. But now...

She focused extensively on basics and submitted all the assignments religiously and took continuous feed back from Maha.

Janani's journey from Ordinary to Extra-ordinary..

From basics to Intermediate, the journey was tough, rough and rusty --- But the ultimate end result was worth it.

Renuka became an Expert in detailing.

Focus and dedication are two key elements to improve detailing in designs --- Learned with every day practice from Maha's assignments.

Divya took a deep dive in the world of Shilpashastra.

Practice makes a person perfect - She practiced every day and took feedback from Maha.

Vimala went for a Win..

She had an instagram channel on arts and joined Maha to sharpen her skills in divine art. The game changing strategies helped vineela to rapidly learn the artform in matter of months.

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Anirudh Rajan

Account Manager, Bangalore


Mehendi Artist by profession


IT Professional

Mrs Lakshmi Desraju


Mrs Renuka Shridhar


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Nurture your Artistic skills with Maha's Live Classes

Artists are not born, they are made through spread of knowledge, dedicated practice and thorough review from the mentor.

Join the Live classes and practice each and every concepts of Shilpa Shastra with deep understanding.

Learn the basics of Shilpa shastra from Mahalakshmi BH, who has 10+ years of experience in Art.

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Curriculum of Shilpashastra

1)Introduction to Basic Element of Arts

✅Learn to draw "Master strokes" with free hand and visualize any diagram in your mind and present it on paper.

Strategies for Free hand Drawing of lines so that any beginner can draw effortlessly

2)Akshara - The lifeline of Shilpashastra

✅Learn the Traditional form of drawing Akshara, through line techique (100% Beginner friendly)

✅You will learn Multiple Permutations and combinations of alphabets and presentation styles like Inversion, Repetition, composition etc. 

 3)Nakashe - The decorative elements

Learn 10 ancient strategies of decorating the natural elements as per the traditional shilpashastra techniques.

✅It will increase your patience and creativity, thinking capacity to compose it ( to know which design should come where)

4)Hoysala mudrike

✅Learn the Symbolic Presentation of Hoysala style of art in just 2 hours.

✅Learn to Comprehend the Mandalas and its spiritual benefits effectively.

✅Understand the relation between prakruti and purusha in traditional art form - Tactics to draw Natural elements

✅Explore the inner version of nature as per the ancient scriptures.

5)Nature - Drawing the Creative elements

✅Understand the relation between prakruti and purusha in traditional art form - Tactics to draw Natural elements

✅Explore the inner version of nature as per the ancient scriptures.

6)Traditional Borders

✅You will learn to craft intricate decorative designs which are seen in every corner of the temples.

✅By learning this, you will develop perspective of an artist and also improve your visualization skill.

7)Creating Mythical Birds of Temple style

✅Learn to draw Swan that represents satvik quality with traditional measurements.

✅Drawing a Swan symbolizes Wisdom and brings spiritual happiness.

8)Elephant - The Divine Vahana

✅Draw elephant with most easiest method of shilpashastra just in one class.

✅Elephant is a basic element of shilpashastra which is a decorative element in temple architecture.

9)Nandi - The Divine Vahana

✅Learn easy steps to draw Nandi/Bull which represents Dharma.

✅This module helps you draw Nandi in different poses as per south indian temple style. 

10)Horse - The Energetic divine animal

✅Learn to draw the horse with free hand and visualize any pose in your mind and present it on paper.

✅Strategies to draw the other animals of minor importance with similar structure of horse.


✅Learn to draw Lion/Tiger - the iconic symbol of hoysala dynasty

✅You will understand the importance of animals in temple architecture. 


✅Learn to draw imaginary divine animals that represents enormous divine energy filled with protective aspects.

Improve your creative and thinking ability by 3x after his module. 


✅He is considered as a protector as per multiple legends.

✅Let this drawing take away all your negativity.

✅Learn to draw the key element of Vastu shastra

14)Jewelry - The basics

✅Refined jewelry items for animal and human for additional spiritual beauty.

Learn to create jewelery in  traditional manner - An opportunity to become a professional designer

15)Jewelry - Intermediate

✅The beginning of intricate decorative elements of jewel.

✅Helps you design complicated jewels in temple style and traditional style - Highly helpful for jewelery designers.

16)Jewel Advanced

✅Learn the "Advanced strokes" and techniques of making jewelry.

✅Draw the traditional chains, anklets , bangles and crowns etc effortlessly.

17)Human Anatomy - The divine structure

Learn Talamaana paddati - The Hidden gems of measurements

Improve your mathematics skill

Build your own scale for any deity

18)In-detail study of Figurative Drawing

Draw all types of bhangis with ease.

✅study of these bhangi   helps you to draw any figurative drawing in diffrent angles

19)In-detail study of Hand and Feet gestures

Includes Hasta-mudra(Hand gestures), Paada(Feet positioning) and Body shapes in contrast with natural elements. 

✅learn the names of hastas and padas which used to compose any deity.

20)Facial features

Learn to present Bhavas(Expressions), proportionate face features - Eyes, nose,lip,ears etc

✅It helps you generate the rasotpatti (Generate emotions in viewers)which adds life to your drawing .

21)Detailed study of Traditional measurements

✅Introducing ancient concepts of Nava Taala measurements with Male and Female anatomy.

✅Body structure, shape, angles and references.

22)Complete composition of diety

✅Implementation of all concepts that you have learned.

✅Recap of all concepts and methodologies.

✅Strategies to draw different divine images that you come across via strategic detailed techniques.

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You will draw 1 divine image along with learning the basics during the course

Group Evaluation of your Drawings through digital correction

Includes PDF Study materials

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